pdfMachine Sign here

The most modern way to sign documents!

What is pdfMachine Sign here?

pdfMachine Sign here is a new feature that allows you to request signatures online very easily.
In 3 simple steps the signature request is sent and the customer or employee has signed it within seconds.

You need a signature of the customer and you are not at their location?
No worries. Just let the customer sign completely paperless on the electronic device of his choice.

What do you need for pdfMachine Sign here?
All you need is a working internet connection and at least version 15.35 of pdfMachine Pro or Ultimate.

And this is how it's done.

Install pdfMachine Pro or Ultimate (version 15.35 or higher). First open the document to be signed.

Click on "Sign here" in the pdfMachine menu bar and a new browser window will open, which is required to use the function.
From there, you can insert as many signature fields as you like into your document. Very easy to position and scale.

Click on "Share" to create a link that you share with the person you want to share it with.
In addition, if desired, you can be notified immediately when the PDF file has been signed.

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- Unencrypted PDF files are never stored on Broadgun servers.
- Files are encrypted using AES256-bit encryption, with each file having a unique key.
- The keys are not stored on the server.
- The signature images are destroyed after insertion into the PDFs and are never saved on Broadgun servers.
- All data is encrypted with https during transmission.
- Two-factor authentication is enabled for server management.
- All servers are located in OVH high-security data centers.

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Demoversion –
Safe and easy!

Before you decide to buy a license, you can test all products extensively to make sure that the programs meet your requirements and wishes.

You can find the free demo versions in our download area.. Die einzige Einschränkung der Demoversion ist eine Werbe-Einblendung am unteren Rand der erzeugten PDF-Datei.

The field disappears after entering the license key, which you can order from us in the Shop or by fax or telephone. A new installation of the software is not necessary. Should you require further information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone via our Call me back service.