pdfMachine Installation Guide:

Installation is that easy

1. Download pdfMachine

To get you started quickly and easily, you will find brief installation instructions on the following pages. To be able to download the software, please use this Download-Link .
2. After selecting the required software and language you will see the following mask. After confirming the "Save" button, the download begins.
3. Please now determine the location where the program is to be saved and from which it is to be executed later.
4. The download progress is shown on the following picture.
5. The download is finished. Please select the button "Open folder".
6. Double-click on the file to start the installation of the pdfMachine.
7. Please read the license conditions here and then confirm the content. The installation then starts automatically. Depending on the computer, this may take a moment.
8. After a successful installation you will receive the message "Installation successful".
Should there be any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@broadgun.de .

Have fun testing.

Your Broadgun Software Team