1Print button in Adobe Reader does not respond in PDF preview
Step1: Open the Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Step2: Change under the tab Edit -> Settings for security (advanced).
Step3: Remove the following hooks.
2Error message when sending mail via parameter control "Outlook not found"
Microsoft Windows requires that every program that accesses Windows Outlook has the same security level (authorization / level) as Microsoft Outlook.

Typically this means either "Run as administrator" or not. The Windows UAC system does not allow a called application that requires a higher authorization level to call an application that can be executed with a lower authorization level.

After the installation, a restart must be carried out and logged in again in order to be able to send with Outlook as the send method.

If you keep getting this message after rebooting, you need to do one of the two things

Non-administrator mode
Run Outlook in non-administrator mode. You can now print and send with pdfMachine. You can also open pdfMachine from the Start menu, open a PDF file and use the Send menu.

Administrator mode
If you need to run Outlook 'as administrator' you need to run pdfMachine from the start menu and then right click on 'run as administrator'.
3 Printing on pdfMachine fails with the message "File does not exist"
This usually occurs when the "DefaultSaveDir" in the regedit has been changed outside of pdfMachine.
Settings should only be changed via the pdfMachine user interface.
Setting path entries in regedit can cause this error.
A user should not try to change internal settings of the pdfMachine.
Uninstall the pdfMachine and perform a new installation.
4pdfMachine will prompt you to download the file, or ask you whether you want to open or save the file
You have not installed a standard PDF reader.
If you don't have a PDF reader installed, you should either install one or configure your next action to "Open in edit mode" instead of "Open with PDF view".
Otherwise you will get the message "Open or Save".
5Why do I get the message "The code has not changed your license" when I register?
This indicates that the code entered does not change the licensing for pdfMachine.
Examples are:
• Your license is not valid for the installed pdfMachine version.
• pdfMachine is already registered and you are registering it with a license that does not change the result.
For example: You have already registered the pdfMachine Office and register with a different pdfMachine Office license key.
6Why do I get the NoProductFound message when I register?
The message "No Products Found" indicates that you have entered a key which requires pdfMachine to already have an existing key.
E.g. a version protection key needs an existing pdfMachine office, pro or ultimate.
An upgrade office to ultimate key requires an existing pdfMachine office.
To use either a version protection key or an upgrade key, you must first register with the key to which it is to be applied.
7Why do I get an "Too Many Users" error when I register with my key?
pdfMachine is licensed per user, whereby the user is identified by the Windows user name.
The same Windows user can use the license on up to 5 devices. If you try to register more users than the license allows, you will get an "Too many users" error.

On the Registration tab of the pdfMachine options, the Register button shows the name of the Windows user.
8How do I prevent pdfMachine from entering an advertisement in the PDF files?
If you have not purchased a license version of pdfMachine, a banner will be placed at the bottom of every page of the PDF files it creates. Once a PDF file has been saved with the ad, it cannot be removed using pdfMachine. To prevent pdfMachine from inserting the advertisement, a license from pdfMachine Office, Pro or Ultimate must be purchased and the software must be registered.
If you have already purchased a license, you need to register the software. If you've registered and you're still getting the ad, it could either be:

(1) You are using a function that your pdfMachine Edition does not allow. For example, if you use the parameter control function available in the "pdfMachine ultimate" edition, but only have "pdfMachine office". In this case, you will need to upgrade to the higher edition.
(2) Your version protection has expired and you have installed a version that you are not entitled to. In this case you can buy a new version of pdfMachine Office, pro or ultimate and keep the latest version. Alternatively, you can uninstall pdfMachine and reinstall an older version for which you are authorized. Older versions are not supported and may not work with a modern operating system, updates, or software.
9Where and how can I get pdfMachine?
Simply download the pdfMachine from our download area onto your computer. Instructions can be found here. After the successful download, start the installation of the pdfMachine. As soon as the short installation process is complete, you have a fully functional demo version that you can test extensively.
10How can I upgrade the pdfMachine demo to a full version?
If the pdfMachine demo convinces you, you can upgrade it to the full version at any time. Simply order the license key for pdfMachine in our shop. We will then send you your personal license by email. Then all you have to do is enter the license key under “Options” in the pdfMachine program - that's it!
11How can I view PDF files?
The free program for displaying PDF files is called Adobe Reader, for example. You can download it from www.adobe.de. The Adobe Reader is also often found as a standard program on the CD's of various computer magazines, which you can purchase in newsagents.
12How do I register the pdfMachine?
After you have bought the pdfMachine, you will receive a registration code by email. You have to enter this in the registration of the pdfMachine. The key looks something like this: Example of a registration code: 2I2MA3WZ9WJ95-92XAKV1HX5VW
13Activate demo version - enter license key.
If you have already installed a demo version of pdfMachine, please enter the key in the registration. This makes the demo version the full version. Please open the pdfMachine under: "Start - All Programs - Broadgun Software - Enter registration information - Registration". The best thing to do is to copy the registration code to the cache and then paste it directly into the registration field. Please do not type the key. All too often errors occur and the registration fails.
14Note for administrators
"Registration delayed until next use" - The selection field is only visible if you are using pdfMachine in admin mode. z. B. Right click, start as "Run Admin". This is useful if you install or configure the pdfMachine on behalf of another user, but are also a normal user yourself. In order not to unnecessarily use a user who actually only manages pdfMachine but does not use it, please activate the selection field, insert the registration code and then confirm the registration.
15BroadgunService renewal codes
If you have already ordered one or more service extensions in the past, please note that all codes, including the original code, must be added to the registration. Only the extension code or codes do not activate the version. BroadgunService renewal codes FAQ´s
16pdfMachine Office, Pro or Ultimate?
The registration code / license key enables the respective version and the associated functions of the demo version. If the demo version is not licensed, there is an advertisement at the bottom of the generated PDF file. This only expires after entering the registration code. Product comparisons
17How can I prevent an advertisement from being displayed in the PDF files created by the pdfMachine?
If the demo version is not licensed, there is an advertisement at the bottom of the generated PDF file. This is no longer inserted until the registration code has been entered. If you have already purchased a license, then add the registration code to the pdfMachine. If after that an advertisement still appears, then: - You may be using a function that is only included in pdfMachine Pro, Ultimate or ZUGFeRD, e.g. you have activated parameter control in the options. This feature is only available in Ultimate. Use it anyway. You will receive a notification to purchase an upgrade to the Pro or Ultimate version. - Your BroadgunService (version protection) has expired and you are using a version for which your registration code is no longer valid. In this case, you could buy a new version of the pdfMachine Pro, Ultimate or ZUGFeRD and receive a new registration code with the latest version. Alternatively, you can uninstall pdfMachine and reinstall an older version for which you have a valid code. Older versions can be found in the demo download area. Please note that pdfMachine from version 14.XX is required for WIN7 / 8.
18I have a new computer or my computer has been reinstalled. Can I use the existing code again?
From version 14.68 it is possible to use a single license on up to 5 computers. The prerequisite for this is the use of an identical user account or user name. The same applies to the release of the pdfMachine on terminal servers or to the use of the version in the network - every user needs a license.
19What does the licensing look like on a terminal server?
From version 14.61 there is the possibility to use a single license on up to 5 computers. The prerequisite for this is the use of an identical user account or user name. The same applies to the release of the pdfMachine on terminal servers or the use of the version in the network - every user (account) requires a license.
20How is pdfMachine licensed when sharing the printer in a network?
From version 14.61 there is the possibility to use a single license on up to 5 computers. The prerequisite for this is the use of an identical user account or user name. The same applies to the release of the pdfMachine on terminal servers or to the use of the version in the network - every user needs a license.
21Where can I find the pdfMachine add-in in Internet Explorer?
It is possible that after installing the pdfMachine the toolbar in Internet Explorer is hidden. To make them visible, select the menu item View-> Toolbar, menu option in the IE menu. Make sure that the pdfMachine Toolbar is activated. Depending on which settings have been selected in IE, you have to click in the Internet Explorer menu "Internet Options", "Programs" and then on "Manage add-ons". Make sure that the pdfMachine add-on is activated.
22What is point and pressure?
pdfMachine can also be installed as a network printer, typically from a "normal" user account. In contrast to a stand-allone installation, which requires an administrator account. Point-and-print installation makes upgrading to a newer version very easy, because the pdfMachine automatically detects when an upgrade is available and asks the user when logging in whether the version update should be continued.
23Can I scan paper templates with pdfMachine and make them searchable - OCR?
You can scan paper documents directly with pdfScanMachine. The tool supports all TWAIN scanners. If the document is opened in the pdfMachine Viewer, OCR text recognition can be carried out to make the scanned document searchable. The OCR text file is embedded in the PDF document and is also available at a later point in time.
24Does pdfMachine also work in conjunction with Lotus Notes?
Make sure that Lotus Notes is selected as the default MAPI client. 1. Open Internet Explorer, "Programs", "Internet Programs", "Set Programs", "Set Default Programs". 2. Select Lotus Notes and confirm.
25How can I preset the MAPI email client?
1. Open Internet Explorer, "Programs", "Internet Programs", "Set Programs", "Set Default Programs". 2. -Select your e-mail program and confirm.
26What to do if the pdfMachine Toolbar is not displayed in Word / Excel / PowerPoint / Outlook?
1. You need Office 2003 or higher. 2. Did you activate the "MS Office Integration" check mark during the setup of the pdfMachine? 3. Is pdfMachine listed and activated in Word in the “Options”, “Toolbar” menu? 4. In Word, in the “Options”, “Tools”, “Macro”, “Security” menu, is the “Security Level” set to “High” or “Low”? “Very high” will not work. 5. Is Broadgun software listed as trustworthy in Word in the “Options”, “Tools”, “Macro”, “Security” menu? 6. Is pdfMachine listed in the “Help menu” of Word, under “Selection” “About”? If so, activate it. You should then restart your system and then reinstall pdfMachine.
27How can I define individual paper sizes?
XP / Vista: 1. Open the “Printer” item in the Windows Control Panel 2. Right-click an empty area and select “Server Properties”. For MS Vista please run as admin. 3. Is pdfMachine listed and activated in Word in the “Options”, “Toolbar” menu? 4. Under “Form” you can now create a new format and save it under any name. Windows 7/8: Control panel - Administration tools - Print management - Printer server properties - [computer name] - Form "Manage Forms" menu
28I am using an older version of the pdfMachine and now want to install a current version. What do I have to consider?
If your “BroadgunService” has expired, you will need a new license. Open the registration of the pdfMachine. The expiry date for the free download of the new version is noted there. If your service is still up-to-date, you can download the current version from the download area and install it without hesitation.
29I am having difficulty converting my table of contents in the Word document to a PDF file. What do I have to consider?
Make sure that you start the conversion process via the Word Add-in. Make sure that you have defined the table of contents in Word so that hyperlinks can be created. To do this, update the advanced field options for Table of Contents. Set Word so that hyperlinks are set instead of "page numbers".
30Where can I get help with problems with pdfMachine?
You can contact us using our contact form. Important: Do not forget the information about your operating system, version of the pdfMachine etc. in your request and describe your question, the task / error or the like as precisely as possible. We can only really help you with this information.
31Does the pdfMachine also work on Macintosh computers?
No, pdfMachine was developed exclusively for Microsoft Windows.
32pdfMachine Office, Pro oder Ultimate - Welche Version ist die richtige für mich?
You will find a detailed comparison of the functions in the product comparison. Product comparisons
33I need an older version of the pdfMachine. Can I still download it?
In the download area you will also find older versions to download.
34We need a company license for more than 500 users. What are we going to do?
Please contact us. We would be happy to make a non-binding offer.
35Error (not a valid 32-bit application) when starting
The downloaded file is corrupt. Please download again in the download area.
36Can I use any PDF file as a letterhead?
Each PDF file with the exception of scanned PDF files can be stored as letterhead. Should a template still not work properly, convert the PDF file again with the pdfMachine. Then save and deposit again as letterhead.
37Can the deposited stationery be saved on a network drive?
No, the stationery must be saved on the local computer.
38Which system requirements must be met for the pdfMachine?
pdfMachine works from any application under Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10, both under 32bit and 64bit. All MS Office packages from MS Office 2000 are supported.
39How do I install multiple pdfMachine printer drivers with different options?
Start pdfMachine as administrator, select "Edit", then "Add / delete" of print profiles. You can create as many profiles as you want with different names and properties.
40Does the pdfMachine support Postscript fonts?
Type 1 Postscript fonts and OpenType Postscript fonts are supported.
41I want to make sure that the PDF documents to be created comply with the requirements for long-term archiving. What is to be considered?
Activate “pdf / Level”, pdf / A in the options of the pdfMachine under “Configuration” in the lower area.
42Can you send personalized form letters in PDF format via email with pdfMachine?
This function is available in pdfMachine Ultimate. You will find details on this in our manual or the help in pdfMachine.
43I would like to send offers or invoices directly from the ERP system with a click of the mouse? What to pay attention to?
pdfMachine Ultimate stellt eine Vielzahl von Parametern zur Verfügung, die einmalig auf einfache Art und Weise in den Report Ihrer kaufmännischen Software eingebunden werden und komplette Arbeitsabläufe automatisieren. Für mehr Informationen schreiben Sie uns an info@broadgun.de.