pdfMachine – Historie

Aktueller Entwicklungsstand der pdfMachine

09.11.2023 pdfMachine 15.96
* Fixed handling of named destinations from an array
* Fixed crash in Edit mode for certain JBIG2 images

22.09.2023 pdfMachine 15.95
* Fixed OCR issue.
* Stopped the “A PDF viewer was not detected” message from appearing.
* Stop checking if files on the network exist when loading “recently used files”.
* Remove the redundant copy files warning during installation.
* Fixed issues with append file, crashes and blank files.
* Fixed parameter parsing crash when a % is in the emailSubject.
* Stopped checking if IE is running during an uninstall.

18.05.2023 pdfMachine 15.94
* Fixed AES encryption issue causing pdfMachine to crash under certain circumstances.
* Fixed copy message in installer.

11.04.2023 pdfMachine 15.90
* Fixes to file appending, where it failed on some files.
* Reduced file size for certain chrome produced PDFs when they used the splitPDF parameter parsing tag.
* Default JPEG scanning quality is decreased to lessen resulting file size, can be overidden by registry setting “ScanJpegQuality”.
* Fixed memory corruption issue that sometimes occurred when using splitPDF parameter. If you use this parameter, please upgrade to avoid unwanted and unpredictable behaviour.
* Fix to make pdfMachine chrome / edge extension work with latest chrome / edge updates.

17.02.2023 pdfMachine 15.84
* Added option to show confirmation dialog on auto appending.
* Fixed crash in edit mode with certain black and white documents.
* Fixed N-up issue.
* Vairous improvements to attempt loading of corrupted/invalid PDFs.

04.11.2022 pdfMachine 15.81
* fix split to many PDFs for very large PDF.
* fix saving of unmodified PDFs with multiple page tree nodes.
* Attach Files dialog defaults to all files instead of .pdf

17.06.2022 pdfMachine 15.80
* pdfMachine driver fix /Widths in some fonts. e.g. Opentype postscript based fonts copy and paste from PDF may not have worked properly, with spaces not being picked up or picked up in wrong spot.
* new version dialog fix

02.06.2022 pdfMachine 15.76
* pdfMachine driver stores TrueType font named with PostScript name from font file.
* Image improvements in edit mode.

04.04.2022 pdfMachine 15.74
* Fixed error 0x800A11FD when pdfMachine Word mail merge document is read only.
* Introduced directory monitoring to allow for automatic launch in pdfMachine.

21.03.2022 pdfMachine 15.73
* Fixed some crashes going to edit mode for downsampled DCTDECODED images.
* Fixed email config dialog in Italian version.
* About window is now WebView2.

16.02.2022 pdfMachine 15.71
* Fixed some JBIG2 images crashing in edit mode or after a scan.
* Fixed custom toolbar settings not being saved correctly.
* Fixed „SavePDF“ parameter parsing setting document title strangely.
* bgsmsnd.exe no longer launches with elevated privilege after installation.
* Slight gradient change on toolbar.
* Fixed font size of main menus on high DPI screens.

03.01.2022 pdfMachine 15.67
* Display improvements on high DPI screens.
* Toolbar make over.

07.12.2021 pdfMachine 15.66
* 32 bit images no longer downsampled in Editor.
* Rebuild missing xref tables on corrupt PDF files.

27.11.2021 pdfMachine 15.65
* Parameter parsing improvments.
* Support for Windows 11.

18.11.2021 pdfMachine 15.64
* CCITFaxDecode images display correctly in editor and OCR correctly.
* Updated German translations for email configuration window.
* Opens PDFs encrypted with RC4 variable length key.

30.10.21 pdfMachine 15.63
* Type 3 fonts display and text capture fixes.
* Improved zooming and scrolling in edit mode, support ctrl +/-
* Fixed ‚fetch‘ error issue that some users got with chrome and edge extensions.
* Fixed auto append issue from chrome extension where it sometimes would not work.
* Fixed problem with webview2 showing „no file found“ error with filenames with the ‚#‘ character in them.

22.10.21 pdfMachine 15.58
* Support for sending emails using outlook.com API.
* Chrome and Edge extension for one click PDF generation from browser.
* Improved parameter parsing so it can be used on PDFs generated by applications other than pdfMachine.
* Corrected render for certain Bezier curves.
* pdfMachine can open iText PDFs with a duplicate PDF structure.
* pdfMachine Word mail merge reports ‚temporary error‘ when SMTP returns 451, eg server mailing limits have been exceeded.

25.09.21 pdfMachine 15.57
* Improved user interface for pdfMachine Email Configuration window including new Email Body editor.
* Improved user interface for pdfMachine Word mail merge Email window including new Email Body editor.
* Allow Gmail API as email methods for pdfMachine and pdfMachine Word mail merge.
* pdfMachine viewer mode uses WebView2 replacing IE / Adobe Reader
* Fixed crash after scanning / ocr and edit mode for PDFs with JBIG2 encoded black and white images.
* Error message when open password required but not entered.
* Correction for recent files menu.
* Context menu to convert image to PDF doesn’t download OCR language files unless OCR selected.
* Blank username on Windows Home no longer occurs.
* No longer (incorrectly) prompts for user password in RC40 V2/R3 encrypted files.
* Security patch when changing AES256 encrypted PDF with user only password.

22.07.21 pdfMachine 15.52
Security Patch:
* Security without a permission password previously has empty string as permission password.

22.06.21 pdfMachine 15.51
* PDFs with comments in obj line open.
* Encoding of filename issue when uploading files to „sign here“ service.
* Setup changes to cope with new configuration tool.

17.05.21 pdfMachine 15.49
* PDFs with comments in obj line open.
* Shared printers can be removed using Windows Remove Device.
* Package Aware Printing with multiple printers via the bgsconf.
* Fixed bgsview.exe crash during uninstall for remote client.
* Fixed bgsview.exe error in Event Viewer during shared printer install.

16.04.21 pdfMachine 15.47
* Fixed bgsview.exe crash during close (experienced on Win 2008).
* Fixed for some PDFs that did not open.
* Fixed some bookmark errors.
* Fixed Word mail merge wizard for high dpi laptop.

31.01.21 pdfMachine 15.46
* Support for AES256 encryption, both reading and writing.
* Fixed bookmark title issue.

20.01.21 pdfMachine 15.44
* pdfMachine shared install, uploaddriverpackage error.
* pdfMachine office add-in duplicate menu items with multiple printers.
* pdfMachine memory error writing extremely large PDF.

30.12.20 pdfMachine 15.43
* pdfMachine Word mail merge Return warning when merge field name is ? 40 characters as Word cannot handle it.
* pdfMachine office add-in reset print area of Excel.
* pdfMachine office add-in PowerPoint detects create from selected slide when no slide selected.
* pdfMachine office add-in PowerPoint create from selected slide when pdfMachine not active printer.
* pdfMachine office add-in update to 12.
* pdfMachine shared printer – Insufficient pages to place signature on a designated page.
* pdfMachine editor – displaying images with width / height object reference.

31.10.20 pdfMachine 15.42
* EmailNoAttachment parameter for marameter parsing
* OCR improved for rotated pages.
* OCR for some languages corrected eg icl,bel.
* Creating PDF from the Word add-in while in Mail Merge Preview mode no longer prints field codes.

28.08.20 pdfMachine 15.41
* Supports pdfMachine SDK 2.7.1
* Mapisendmail failed 3, check login credentials.

16.06.20 pdfMachine 15.39
* Launch pdfMachine Viewer menu option when Edit mode is default.
* Default DPI / JPEG quality increased.
* Split PDF error : invalid Font Dictionary.

02.06.20 pdfMachine 15.38
* Registration fixed if registered through pdfMachine merge then pdfMachine installed.

16.04.20 pdfMachine 15.37
* Fixed crash of some PDFs on entering Edit mode.
* Fixed corruption when stationary inserted into certain PDFs.

13.03.20 pdfMachine 15.36
* Convert to PDF directly from image files with optional OCR. This can be done from Windows explorer right click or from the tools menu vonvert images to PDF. Also command line options are available
* Improvements to OCR for pages with columns of text and images
* Reduced occurence of blank user name in registration process 

05.02.20 pdfMachine 15.35
* Upload to Sign Here. An easy way for pdfMachine users to get others to sign their PDFs without having to have any software installed
* Correct email body for pdfMachine Word mail merge when the same merge field is used more than once
* Choosing not to save before a split backs out any changes
* Split menu only available when a PDF is open and has pages
* Cancel during OCR language download doesn´t crash
* Append pages from file when a page is selected appends after the selected page
* Force saving PDF or cancel when splitting pages and trial stamp required

26.09.19 pdfMachine 15.33
* Invoke pdfScanMachine from scanners which support that feature
* NAMES tree has ZUGFeRD name in entry to cater for systems looking for it incorrectlx
* Corrects crash on empty font dictio nary during OCR

28.06.19 pdfMachine 15.32
* pdfMachine white does not require email validation
* Corrects crash when selecting certificate for digital signature on some Windows 2016

04.06.19 pdfMachine 15.30
* Parameter Parsing – EmailAttachmentsList allows folders 
* Corrects error 0x800F024B installing shared printer
* pdfMachine edit window crashing on extremly large images
* Deleting a page which has a watermark for all pages, doesn´t delete all watermarks anymore
* pdfMachine edit window crashing when many thumbnails show
* pdfMachine options menu caters for more than 40 additional printer printers
* Stationery located on a mapped drive was not found
*Crash in PowerPoint addin getting the Docs Directory 
*Handles encryption of zero length streams

25.02.19 pdfMachine 15.28
* Backup Directory will expand environment variables Fixes:
* Error 1726 installing on 32 bit machines
* Default for Save Folder is the last folder which pdfMachine saved to

04.02.19 pdfMachine 15.26
* AppendPDF in parameter parsing will produce PDFA documents if PDF/A set and PDF/A attachment selected
* Redirected printers on Citrix or Terminal Server no longer require checkfile
* savePDF in parameter parsing will expand environment variables Fixes:
* Incorrect label on Save button in Email Config dialog – German version
* Correction for THAI characters in driver
* PDF/A for consecutive pages printed to pdfMachine
* Crash in i, ii, il and ilqs parameter parsing command when font so big that they wrap around a line
* Crash in ii parameter parsing command when no corresponding i command

26.11.18 pdfMachine 15.22
* New UI update, dark theme is default, light theme option. Can be set by ini file.
* pdfMachine Scan – UI updates to simplify scanning
* OCR update, latest tesseract build
* Support for ‚pdfMachine-auto-register‘ program to make registration easier.
* Crash when toggle font size on digital signature dialog
* Drag and drop for moving pages improved
* pdfMachine can now be set as default PDF reader in Windows 10
* Drag drop pages in edit mode made a little easier to use.

22.08.18 pdfMachine 15.20

* pdfMachine pro functionality to split the PDF into multiple PDF (select number of pages per PDF)
* The pdfMachine Office Add-In is supported for Microsoft Office installed from the Windows App Store
* Crash when save after delete a page with annotations in a particular linearized PDF
* Links under images and text boxes in PowerPoint now work even when the bypass flag is set
* pdfMachine Word mail merge handles Skip Record commands

22.08.18 pdfMachine 15.17
* Next action to automatically OCR the PDF and then pop the Save As window
* Ability to remove pdfMachine OCR text from pages
* When logging parameter parsing errors add the date and time
* Transparent image printing incorrectly
* 15.15 bug where OCR on certain locales made the PDF unable to open
* Parameter Parsing savePDF works correctly from 15.13
* Updated tesseract, use locale „C“ during OCR
* Trial stamp inserted on rotated pages is now rotated correctly.
* Warning message corrected if pdfMachine Word mail merge attempted to save to write protected directory.
* Warning message corrected if ‚Skip record‘ results in no recipients for pdfMachine Word mail merge.
* Fixed crash saving annotation
* Fixed error where Outlook has temporary file in use
* pdfMachine Word mail merge updates fields before conversion to PDF allowing inclusion of images referenced by a mail merge field
* Prompts for document permission password earlier for encrypted files
* OCR on rotated page given correct dimensions
* OCR a second time removes original pdfMachine OCR invisible text before insertion

07.04.18 pdfMachine 15.11
* Ability to automatically OCR scanned pages
* Ability to OCR selected pages only
* Ability to scan using last scanner settings (without user interface)
* Added scan menu items to Windows start menu
* Added new parameter parsing commands EmailBodyStart and EmailBodyEnd which allow an email body to extend over a page during parameter parsing
* Scanned pages appended to a PDF now create a bookmark.
* Bookmark delete fixed.
* PDFs generated by the Office addin with selected pages have the correct file names.
* Secured PDFs generated with pdfMachine already open have security applied.
* Warning given if pdfMachine Word mail merge attempted while pdfMachine is open.
* Appending to pdfMachine with Foxit Reader the default reader now displays the appended PDF in Viewer mode.
* Bold text boxes don’t give error.


30.01.18 pdfmachine 15.10
* Fixed crash during OCR.
* Fixed hang during parameter parsing wih files with lots of images.
* PDFs generated by pdfMachine merge are only PDF/A when pdMachine option set.
* Ability to log messages to file during parameter parsing


05.12.17 pdfMachine 15.09
* Incorrect display of PDF characters in Edit mode for inline Font Descriptor.
* Incorrect highlighting of invisible searchable text after OCR.
* Fixed crash during OCR in edit mode.
* Fixed problem where file printed from Acrobat Reader DC has a font error.


10.07.17 pdfMachine 15.03
* Added email upload attachment option
* Fixed issue with HTML emails not being set on Outlook 2016
* Error message fixes
23.05.17 pdfMachine 15.01
* Corrects mail merge error – Operation Completed Successfully
* Stops bgsview processes from hanging around
* Optional logging of anonymous usage data
* OCR improvements – pdfMachine now uses tesseract 4


30.03.17 pdfMachine 14.98
* Stamper dialog for customised form / stamps
* Right click options in windows explorer
* Self signed certificates now use SHA256 hash algorithm and use 2048 bit RSA keys. * Digital signatures still default to SHA1 (to support Safenet ikey tokens) but can be changed to SHA256 via registry setting, (HKCU\Software\pdfMachine hashAlgo = „sha256“)
* Digitally signed PDF/A files now remain PDF/A compliant.
* Stamps with large text size now fit in stamp box


17.03.17 pdfMachine 14.97
* Allows longer text in stamp / watermarks.
* N-Up available from the Edit Windows.
* Embedded files in the PDF can be opened by Acrobat Reader app on Android / iOS.
* Developers license no longer prompt for registration on first print.
* Set All properties for stamps also changes the default properties for stamps.


02.12.16 pdfMachine 14.96
* Office 2016 : processes not left hanging around.
* View digital certificate button doesn’t cause crash.


01.11.16 pdfMachine 14.95
* HTML emails in Outlook 2016 x64 work again.


14.10.16 pdfMachine 14.94
* OCR languages download and install again .


21.09.16 pdfMachine 14.93
* pdfMachine installs as a Package Aware Print Driver. 32 bit and 64 bit supported clients can connect via Point and Print to supported Print Servers.
* pdfMachine white can be registered from the registration tab.
* Blank lines in email body are preserved during Parameter Parsing.
* Parameter Parsing default font included in HTML email for Extended MAPI when dialog shown.
* The bgsView process doesn’t hang around after pdfMachine viewer has been closed.
* The pdfMachine office addin doesn’t install if not checked in the installation box.
* The uninstall doesn’t try to uninstall the pdfMachine office addin if it has never been installed.
* The uninstall doesn’t leave a Word process hanging around for Windows 10, Word 2016.
* Parameter Parsing handles comma and semi-colon separated email addresses for Outlook Send Method.
* Parameter Parsing allows both SavePDF and EmailTo plus NextAction 4 (Prompt email dialog before sending).


17.08.16 pdfMachine 14.92
* August 2016 – Windows update bug : MS16-098
A Windows update published by Microsoft on August 9, 2016 has a known issue of „After you apply this security update and you print multiple documents in succession, the first two documents may print successfully. However, the third and subsequent documents may not print.“ The Microsoft documentation is here.
Microsoft fixed this for some operating systems (not Windows 10) with a subsequent update KB 3187022.
This update affected printing from many applications (including) Microsoft Word. This resulted in pdfMachine Word Mail Merge (versions 14.91 and below) to fail to produce all of the PDFs in the merge. Version 14.92 uses the pdfMachine office addin to create the PDFs and therefore works with the Windows update


17.07.16 pdfMachine 14.91
* Installation error 3019 when Windows update MS16-087/KB 317005 is installed on 64 bit Windows no longer halts installation.


19.05.16 pdfMachine 14.90
* Parameter Parsing – Merge Fields work when Outlook font is enabled.
* Parameter Parsing – new lines converted to HTML for HTML interface.


18.04.16 pdfMachine 14.89
* Corrected extra white space appearing in long email subjects
* utf-8 corrections for email body and subject.
* Attachment names in Outlook fixed for utf-8 (Extended MAPI x64).
* Browse buttons on Options dialog don’t reset fields
* When document name doesn’t have a suffix then .pdf is assumed instead of error displayed
* pdfMachine mail merge error message for SYLK data source


03.04.16 pdfMachine 14.87
* New option to allow the contents of the Email Config dialog to be saved as a template to be used for outgoing emails.
* ZUGFeRD x_embed parameter allows setting of the ZUGFeRD profile as a parameter, COMFORT and EXTENDED invoices can be created using this.
* Corruption of Email Config dialog registry entry resulting in deformed display of Email Config dialog.
* Correction for ZUGFeRD metadata from x_embed parameter.
* Attachment names in Outlook fixed for utf-8.


02.03.16 pdfMachine 14.86
* When Parameter Parsing with font options and SMTP email, manual changes to the email body are now saved.
* When ICCBased colorspace cannot be understood the default is now used.
* pdfMachine Word mail merge fields used in the email body eg Attachment Name, are no longer case sensitive.


13.12.15 pdfMachine 14.85
* Zero or small margins now working on older version of Word during Email merges


30.11.15 pdfMachine 14.84
* Viewer launches Adobe Reader XI and DC without side panels
* Excel Add-In was not working in some circumstances
* Backed out change for FireFox crash. Works with FireFox > 39
* Spelling correction in Danish Version


14.10.15 pdfMachine 14.83
* DOC_NOSUFFIX tag for Document Name
* Corrected timestamp on signature of 64 bit driver to prevent print spooler crash.
* Allow greater number than 5 additional stamps to be created
* Filenames from pdfScanMachine are no longer overridden by pdfMachine options


15.09.15 pdfMachine 14.82
* new parameter to modify/create XML attributes in parameter parsing/ZUGFeRD
* Pre-registered versions with manually extended expiry date now get new expiry date on installation of new version.
* Prompt to confirm deletion of page when no thumbnail is selected
* Updated parameter parsing help
* Language corrections to Danish installation


29.07.15 pdfMachine 14.81
* Sensible message when registering with version protection and no original product
* Crash when printing from FireFox in Windows Server 2012.


03.06.15 pdfMachine 14.80
* Point and Print clients no longer crash on first print of login
* Spanish Word Mail Merge javascript error in IE8.
* Able to open PDF with incorrect PREV entry.
* Advert in PDF incorrectly with pdfMachine office.


06.04.15 pdfMachine 14.75
* Redact color can be changed.
* Handling of hybrid shutdown with Citrix.
* Crash during redaction.
* Mirrored text in Edit Mode.
* Text annotations in Edit Mode.
* Annotation position during rotation of page.
* Decoding of characters in email editor


11.11.14 pdfMachine 14.73
* pdfMachine losing registration.
* Crashing when attaching a file with a ) in the name.


10.10.14 pdfMachine 14.72
*New Parameter Parsing command allowing image links, eg clickable Pay Now buttons.
*Allow multiple files to be selecting during Append / Insert pages from file.

* Removed Note image when watermark in options points to a non-existent file.
* Displays multi-line text in stamps.
* Correction in German language version.
* Corrections in ZUGFeRD / PDFA.
* New install picks up change in expiry date.


13.08.14 pdfMachine 14.71
*New edition – pdfMachine ZUGFeRD, making pdfMachine ZUGFeRD e-invoicing ready.
*Introduced more PDF/A compatibility options.
*Introduced specific version protection for the different editions.

* Error AddMonitor 1722.
* Removed yellow rectangles around hyperlinks in IE11.


01.07.14 pdfMachine 14.69
*Introduced the redaction feature in pdfMachine pro.
*Parameter parser feature allowing setting of the default font for the body of a HTML email

* pdfMachine hanging printing from Fluke Power Log tool.
* Opening PDF files with white space in hex strings.
* Warning message when watermark images are not valid files.
* Blue background on email settings.
* Driver bug for text rotations of 180 degrees
* Font information Combo Boxes now prevent data entry


22.04.14 pdfMachine 14.68
*Introduced the keyword „none“ for stationery in parameter parsing, allowing parameter parsing to ability override existing stationery options.

* Problems re-installing with multiple shared printers (Add Printer Failed – 1215) .
* pdfMachine now detects when to save settings for shared printers, Saved Settings for Shared Printers button has been removed.
* Failure to share 32bit printer driver.
* SMTP settings in Italian/Portuguese/Polish.
* pdfMachine crash during split of a large document.
* Page rotation performed incorrectly with an object reference.


28.10.13 pdfMachine 14.66
* Problems with printing from IE10 in Windows 7 32 bit.
* OCR crashes with languages other than languages selected first.
* Language corrections.
* Line annotations no longer truncated.
* PDF stationery with MediaBox or CropBox now cropped correctly.


16.08.13 pdfMachine 14.61
* pdfMachine is now licensed per user

pdfMachine was previously licensed per machine it was used on. This has now changed – you can use a single pdfmachine license on up to 5 different machines. This should cover your main desktop, laptop and then some! Read the license agreement for specific details.
* pdfMachine options „Saved Settings for shared printers“ now shares stamps correctly.


17.07.13 pdfMachine 14.60
* Allow bookmarks to be positioned anywhere on the page.
* Allow deletion of custom stamps.

* Bookmarking on rotated pages.
* Increased robustness when opening or editing invalid PDF files.
* Crash when moving large number of pages


10.05.13 pdfMachine 14.59
* Optical character recognition (OCR) to convert scanned pages to searchable text.
* pdfMachine office add-in create now uses Word to Save As PDF before opening in pdfMachine.


12.03.13 pdfMachine 14.58
* Allow users to go straight to registration rather than to pdfMachine white Fixes:
* Installation of new version of pdfMachine no longer removes pdfMachine merge from start menu
* Problem displaying characters in edit mode when fontfile2 reused.
* Handling of backslash to split strings.
* Increased robustness when opening invalid PDF files.
* Increased robustness when editing (eg rotating pages) within invalid PDF files.
* New version notification and pdfMachine white registration not displayed during a mail merge
* Add/Remove printer now warns you if you need to be an administrator


05.11.12 pdfMachine 14.54
* AES encryption.
* Improved compatibility with Adobe Reader for signed files.
* Line Annotation display on signed documents.
* Page appending and rearranging for signed documents.
* Occasional crash on sticky note
* Removed Enable check box for Document Info when not in optons mode
* Opens Evo or Wnv PDF files


12.10.12 pdfMachine 14.53
* New parameter in parameter parsing – EmailAttachmentsList – allowing additional attachments to the email when using parameter parsing.
* Font now printed correctly as bold or not when switching between particular fonts.
* Changing text of existing stamp.
* Word documents which change pagination when header or footer are open in Word no longer change pagination on print.
* Parameter parsing from HTML with non-breaking white space.


17.07.12 pdfMachine 14.49
* Delete key now works when creating custom stamp.
* No empty objects are created.
* Can delete the last auto-hyperlink.
* Signature doesn’t require validation after text annotation with special characters.


05.07.12 pdfMachine 14.48
* ‚pdfMachine ultimate plus‘ registration code.


26.06.12 pdfMachine 14.47
* ‚pdfMachine plus‘ registration codes.
* zipsec expiry date


14.06.12 pdfMachine 14.46
* Printing stamps from FinePrint.
* Font error with Cambria Maths


30.05.12 pdfMachine 14.44
* zipsec button
* An option to turn off the Send File on error feature.
* Allow for a backup timestamping server.
* Auto hyperlinks.
* Some problems printing from Adobe Reader.
* Viewer no longer turned off on next print after a file close.
* Improved handling when error returned from a timestamping server.


27.03.12 pdfMachine 14.42
* A popup warning if menu selection is made to perform Stationary, N-Up or Attach Files which would invalidate a digital signature.
* Improved handling when interpreting invalid PDF files.
* Allows the digital signature appearance to be smaller with less white space.
* Removed warning about digital signature revocation data on self-signed signatures


13.02.12 pdfMachine 14.41
* Printing from Print Preview in Citrix environments.
* Opening PDF from Outlook email into pdfMachine for Edit.
* Installing from a modified bgsconf.ini for DefaultSaveFileName and SaveFilenameAction


31.01.12 pdfMachine 14.38
* If document info is not set in options, defaults to Word Doc Info
* Removes error message from little cms.
* Handles parent null object.
* fixed mapisendmail 15 error.
* Increased robustness in interpreting incorrect colorspaces.
* Handles printing from browsers when urls are extremely long.
* Recognises hyperlinks in images in .doc


22.12.11 pdfMachine 14.37
* Ability to overwrite or rename backup PDF.
* Increased robustness for damaged PDF files.
* Removes the program name from within the document title.
* simpleMAPI email method can handle more email clients.
* Parameter parsing handles removal of the entire page when no page is left.
* Installing with -printer option.


10.11.11 pdfMachine 14.34
* Retains changes in markup settings for future use.

* Support for opening files with AES encryption
* Reduced size in scanned b&w, grayscale images for WIA2.
* The feature with the @ for the filename (email settings) works again.
* Removed output directory from scan user interface.
* Hyphens in emails now mapped correctly on IE9 (x64)


05.09.11 pdfMachine 14.33
* Support for ‚backup directory‘ option

* Removed „SaveFilenameAction and DefaultDirectory“ as it was confusing


30.08.11 pdfMachine 14.32
* Radio buttons from InfoPath 2007 in XP now print correctly
* Paramater parsing in Demo
* Workaround to allow Adobe Reader to validate signed annotations correctly
* Print to File dialog no longer displays from Powerpoint
* Stamps / Watermarks from options no longer crashes
* Hyperlinks transferred to PDF from a mail merge
* Incorrect faq url / phone number in Help table of contents
* Office 2003 now minimum requirement for the pdfMachine office add-in


19.08.11 pdfMachine 14.31
* Paramater parsing and the use saved settings option
* Bcc and Extended MAPI operations
* Display of the Markups toolbars
* Next action now executes batch files with the command line
* SMTP Authentication Error 503
* The use of name in SMTP Email addresses
* SaveAs no longer overwrites file by default if no suffix is used on filename


08.07.11 pdfMachine 14.28
* Configuration setting introduced to allow you to use or not use the settings saved in Email Settings
* No longer defaults to previous attachment name when using SMTP mail
* No longer adds in urls for emails and links which doubled up with Adobe Reader links
* Printing to local printer Windows 2008 x64, Word 2007, using remote desktop now prints correctly to pdfMachine.


28.06.11 pdfMachine 14.27
* Image issue in Windows 7 32-bit with Excel 2010
* Occurrences of „miscellaneous changes“ in digital signatures from certain apps
* Annotation handling at the edges of a page
* Invalid ob num after cancellation and reapplication of digital signature
* Digital Signature preview page numbering
* 4 letter suffixes such as .docx, .xlsx removed from PDF name
* Font problem printing from apps such as MathCad which use OpenType fonts with non-WinAnsi characters


20.05.11 pdfMachine 14.24
* support for SSL / TLS / SMTP mail, eg gmail
* Digital Signatures for last page
* No longer crashes in Vista when swapping page orientation for a stamp
* Digital Signature preview changes orientation with change in page orientation
* No longer crashes when a stamp is inserted for all pages on a single page PDF (Win 2008 x64 only)
* No longer crashes when saving a sticky note. (Win 2008 R2 with particular versions of Adobe Reader)
* No longer goes to incorrect last page when selected from thumbnails (rotated pages only).
* Uninstall now removes all files, and requires administrator login to run
* No longer crashes when the stamp string ends in a %
* Font problem corrected for advertisement in non-English languages
* Mail Merge does not fail with 2 byte characters in the Excel column name
* Improved handling of sticky note and digital signature annotations


16.02.11 pdfMachine 14.18
* Allows scanning into Viewer or Edit mode through the options menu
* Print jobs stuck in the queue no longer cause pdfMachine to ‚hang‘
* Print jobs stuck in the queue no longer cause installation/uninstall to fail
* No longer crashes when attempting to append to a PDF with a certified signature
* No longer crashes when selecting a different certificate on Win 2008
* Viewer refreshes when error on append (eg an invalid digital signature)
* Displays toolbar and navigation bar in Adobe Reader X


16.02.11 pdfMachine 14.18
* Allows scanning into Viewer or Edit mode through the options menu
* Print jobs stuck in the queue no longer cause pdfMachine to ‚hang‘
* Print jobs stuck in the queue no longer cause installation/uninstall to fail
* No longer crashes when attempting to append to a PDF with a certified signature
* No longer crashes when selecting a different certificate on Win 2008
* Viewer refreshes when error on append (eg an invalid digital signature)
* Displays toolbar and navigation bar in Adobe Reader X


24.11.10 pdfMachine 14.12
* multi-sheet printing on Revit Architecture 2010
* issues with SavePDF parameter parsing failing under load
* no longer recreates deleted directories upon open or save
* uninstall failure when jobs stuck in print queue


09.09.10 pdfMachine 14.05
* release of pdfMachine sig
* option to embed revocation data in digital signatures
* new menu option, ’set crypto password‘ so you dont have to re-type crypto passwords

* crystal report file naming issue
* issues with 3rd party timestamping servers
* printing to pdfMachine printer on Citrix client on windows 7
* non ascii chars can now be displayed in stamps
* installation did not clean up temporary directory
* installation in quiet mode does not display messages
* bugs with edit mode upon appending other files


21.05.10 pdfMachine 13.097
* compatibility with Office 2010
* allow paste of text into an annotation

* no longer sets pdfMachine to be default printer during a mail merge
* selection of annotation style improved
* several display issues in edit mode
* issues with files not able to be opened
* bookmark issues, including a problem appending
* problems printing from PowerPoint


19.03.10 pdfMachine 13.092
* Mail Merge security settings – passwords taken from merge fields

* rotation problem with markup text on rotated pages
* several font display issues in edit mode
* improved multilingual support in driver
* lots of minor bugs fixed


23.11.09 pdfMachine 13.078
* Text highlight, strikeout and underline.
* Recent file list

* annotations and digital signatures on rotated pages
* font rendering improved
* allow sticky note and typewriter deletion
* annotation retained after page appended
* digital signature issues when digital signature already exists in PDF
* font size for stamps/watermark options


17.08.09 pdfMahine 13.069
* Now support Portuguese, Polish and Italian versions.

* parameter parsing issues under high load
* scanning issues
* attach file crash
* setup issues with port not being deleted
* digital signature placement when signatures already exist in PDF
* directory always being created when file save dialog opens


24.04.09 pdfMachine 13.06
* new user interface look
* new mark-up tab in edit mode, featuring text boxes, text ovals, lines, arrows, stamps
* record from microphone or insert WAV file
* gradient fills
* much improved viewer in edit mode, support for gradients and transparency
* WIA2 scanner support
* insert image stamps
* multiple text and image stamps possible as watermarks.
* insert or remove embedded files
* digital signing now supports time-stamping and server signing using certificate signed by Quovadis CA. (a windows root CA)

* acrobat 9 files with xref object streams
* problem with Swedish characters in Edit mode for certain fonts
* Error 135 when Greek locale selected
* setup / uninstall problems on Vista
* TWAIN scanner UI selection fix
* various other issues


21.11.07 pdfMachine 12.18
* parameter parsing – savepdf and emailoneshot now work with the print command.
* customized installs with printer=xxxxxxx set in bgsconf.ini file caused all sorts of problems (conflicted with secondary printing)


19.11.07 pdfMachine 12.17
* print parameter for secondary printer

* driver problem with particular EPS file
* XML encoding issue with Word mail merge
* improved TWAIN scanner support


12.11.07 pdfMachine 12.16
* WIA scanner driver support
* JBIG2 compression on scanned B&W images
* scanner settings are saved between runs
* auto page de-skewing option for scanned images
* New next action – „Show Edit“ mode
* new menu options available in edit mode.

* improved editor paging and page manipulation
* Word mail merge problem with large merge field names
* Word mail merge problem with attachment filenames
* appending/inserting PDF crash
* edit mode – rotate PDF \’s with images
* office addins always being installed regardless of checkbox setting
* parameter parsing image tag crashing on bmp files
* parameter parsing with email tag attachment issues
* fixes for arabic and hebrew fonts not appearing correct
* Print from IE on Vista problems
* Initial default setting of save directory changed to „My Documents“


11.07.07 pdfMachine 12.12
* PDF/A support
* added \’image as background\‘ checkbox to dig sig appearance dialog

* append files crash
* hyperlinks to URL\’s that were PDF\’s not working properly
* some email hyperlinks not being converted correctly
* pdfMachine not working properly for non-admin users on terminal server
* pdfMachine not working properly for non-admin users who connect to network shared pdfMachine printer
* stripping valid chars from filename e.g. \“[,)\“ chars.
* problem with older rego codes expiring when the should not


23.04.07 pdfMachine 12.02
New Features:
* Vista and Vista x64 support
* New pdfMachine models – demo, office, pro and ultimate
* Microsoft Office 2007 support
* Improvements to digital signature appearance settings
* Improved watermark settings
* More parameter parsing commands
* Bookmark (bm command) parameter supported added.
* Lotus Notes support added – pdfMachine now uses Lotus notes object model if selected, allowing HTML email bodies in notes emails.
* Support for international emails using UTF-8 encoding.
* SMTP email supports international domain names – punycode.
* Much improved digital signature layout and positioning.
* Added digital signature time stamping. By default uses a
Broadgun Time Stamping Authority .
* Added Certified signed PDF support.
* Added server signed PDF support.

* Microsoft Word links in text boxes, and headers & footers.
* Microsoft Word link underline fix.
* Lotus Notes International char fix for subject of emails.
* Fixed crash that occurred in certain PDF\’s with dodgy CCITT fax encoded images.
* Fixed incompatibly with IntegriClaim insurance software
* pdfMachine toolbar in Internet Explorer is now on by default – it used to be hidden by default


20.02.06 pdfMachine 11.03
* Registration problem when clients install from network printer server. Clients now check for registration details each time user logs on.
* Occasional problem with Addprinter 1801- invalid printer name fixed.


02.02.06 pdfMachine 11.02
New Features:
* Parameter parsing revamp. Parameters supported: Email, SavePDF, AppendPDF, InsertPDF, OpenPass, PermPass, Stationery, DigSig, Embed, InsertImage, SplitPDF.

* Improved support for MS Office Apps with pictures containing transparent transparent details.
* Opentype and Type1 fonts now working properly
* Reading HTML emails sent with pdfMachine in early versions of Outlook Express and Eudora now works.
* Word merge – documents saved to directory now have sensible prefix.
* Borders can now be disabled in NUP mode.
* x64 printer options now works


09.11.05 pdfMachine 10.91
New features:
* Runs on x64 bit Windows – x64 bit printer driver added.
* New menu option (Edit->Add/Remove printers) for easy multiple printer profiles creation.
* Postscript type1 fonts supported
* OpenType postscript based fonts supported
* Improved print driver speed
* MSI installer version available upon request
* New append from scanner option

Bug fixes:
* edit mode – no longer dependant on opengl
* Word/PowerPoint/Visio problems with drawings involving transparency
* pdfMachine viewer in auto append mode comes to front
* NT not connected to a domain is really slow to print
* NT on Novell LAN install issue
* mail merge – mail merge source data containing invalid chars now works
* SMTP and Extended MAPI emails now contain text parts for text only email clients
* Improved reliability of Mail Merge
* Added support for CCITTFaxDecode image type in edit mode
* pdfmem.cpp – error message appears on some stationery files
* Office addins displaying incorrect language or crashing under multi lang Office versions
* fixed copy paste problem in Outlook where pdfMachine icon appears
* Installation error \“126 error\“
* Add bookmark dialog now has currently selected page number
* Boxes sometimes appear where spaces should when printing a pdfMachine generated PDF to Postscript printer


25.07.05 pdfMachine 10.8.1
Fixed Problems:

* UNC style hyperlinks in Word docs not being converted to URI\’s in PDF\’s
* error message appearing during Outlook startup
* bgsview crashing on some strange PDF\’s
* mail merge sometimes sending winmail.dat files in extended mapi mode
* mail merge sometimes crashing in extended mapi mode
Added Features:

Some new mail merge features include:
* test mode where no emails are sent
* test mode where all emails are sent to same address
* html now supported for email body with extended MAPI
* html editor to compose body of emails
* ability to place mail merge fields in the body and subject of the email e.g. Dear {TITLE} {SURNAME}, Find attached….. * ability to save all sent PDF\’s to a directory
Attach/Embed files feature


14.05.05 pdfMachine 10.7

* When multiple pdfMachine printers are installed, too many menu items are appearing in the Office addin pdfMachine toolbar menus.
* In Outlook, sometimes the pdfMachine toolbar print button would print to the default printer and not pdfMachine.

pdfMachine is now integrated with Museum Client software. If Musuem is not installed, users will see a html dialog about Museum


18.04.05 pdfMachine 10.6
Fixed Problems:

* When pdfMachine is open without a PDF file loaded, and the user tries to print to pdfMachine from an application, nothing happens.
*Default send method is set to extended MAPI, should be simple MAPI.
* Bad handling of situation where there is no PDF viewer installed
* Printing of Word doc with lots of links resulted in \“out of memory\“ error.
* Links are not printed in Word when just a page and selection is printed to pdfMachine from the pdfMachine addin menu.
* Word asks too many times to save the file when press the pdfMacihne print button.
* Adds at bottom of pdfMachine sometimes didnt occur when they should.
* Error message occurs when user selects File -> Close.
* Really long filenames result in pdfMachine crashing.
* Error occurs when applying more than one digital signature to a PDF.
* VISIO \’black box text\‘ printing problem in XP.
* Misplaced symbol font chars when printed to pdfMachine from the MapInfo software
* Better support for graphics with bitmap patterns and hatches.
* Word office addin saves to Normal.dot too many times, and it increases in size.
* pdfMachine does not check if a PDF viewer is installed prior to attempting to display a PDF
* delete page option not working when set with parameter parsing
* black border around image in Word doc that should not be there
* Shared printer setup – get \“unable to open file, may be encrypted\“ dialog.

* Usermode driver for win2k,xp,2003
* Implemented ad box top right.
* HKCUSoftwarepdfMachineBgsMsndTimeToRunSecs added to registry. This is a DWORD value that if set, specifies the number if seconds bgsmsnd.exe lays idle for before exiting. Useful for citrix published apps. Only works on 2K/XP.
* append/insert mode option to append or insert PDF files automatically. Support the registry entries AppendFile2 (REG_SZ), InsertFile (REG_SZ), InsertPage (DWORD)
* Better handling on terminal server & citrix multiple users
* Detect if 3rd party PDF viewer is installed (e.g. acrobat reader) and revert to \“toggled mode\“ if not found


05.01.05 pdfMachine 10.5
Fixed Problems:
* Stationary being set by parameter parsing messed up following prints that did not have stationary
* Incompatibility problem with Acrobat 7 Reader
* Borders on some word and powerpoint docs didnt come out right
* PowerPoint hyperlinks
* Parameter parsing where savefileoneshot filename went over 1 line


12.10.04 pdfMachine 10.4
Fixed Problems:

* Auto append not refreshing first time round
* Self signed certificates now work on properly on all platforms


* updated German help file


01.10.04 pdfMachine 10.3
Fixed Problems:

* Certain fonts with spaces in the name produced invalid PDF’s.
* Small documents sometimes had to be „printed twice“ before pdfMachine viewer would come up.
* Invalid PDFs as a result of applying particular PDF stationery.
* Incorrect color for hatching on some polygons.
* Rename of exiting book marks
* Bookmarks going to bottom of page instead of top of page


* Added Word Mail Merge support.
* Added digital signature support.
* Added SMTP email support.
* Added specific Outlook email support.
* Added specific „Extended MAPI“ email support.
* Added HTML body support for SMTP and Outlook methods.
* Improved PDF hyperlink generation from Internet explorer.
* Now do optional weekly check for new version.
* Added support for „upgrade protection“ licenses.
* Registration details dialog now shows more info, including upgrade protection expiry.
* Setup program now checks if the upgrade is permissible or not according to currently installed licenses.


04.08.04 pdfMachine 10.2
Fixed Problems:

* Edit mode „Insert Page“.
* PDF\’s containing non latin fonts with early versions of Acrobat reader.
* Display problems in edit mode
* 256 color mode in edit mode
* Print jobs not being deleted when Win98 is using shared pdfMachine printer on W2k server
* Win98 setting default printer from COM addin when using shared pdfMachine printer
* Minor 32 bit driver fixes

* Added hyperlink generation on all MS Word and MS PowerPoint hyperlinks, including images.
* Added A3+ page size
* Outlook COM Addin is not installed on Win98 due to unreliability of setting default printer
* Added „-exit“ command line option to bgsmsnd.exe to exit currently running bgsmsnd.exe


09.07.04 pdfMachine 10.1
Fixed Problems:
* pdfMachine generated PDF’s are now viewable by Mac OSX „Preview“ program.
* „Save as TIF“ now works in Acrobat 5 for pdfMachine generated PDF’s.
* Office Addin is now installed to all users of the machine.
* PDF now is shown in viewer when document has an apostrophe in the filename.
* PDF stationery can now be controlled by parameter parsing with the tags:


* Added right click context menu item „open with pdfMachine“ to Windows Explorer.
* License codes are now obscured on „Enter Registration Details“ dialog.
* Addition of installerStartBgProcess flag in bgsconf.ini file.


15.06.04 pdfMachine 9.9
* The problem where the edit controls not working on some machines is fixed.
* Fixed problem that stopped you being able to edit a bookmark page number.


11.06.04 pdfMachine 9.8
Bug fixes:
* Fix for sharing pdfMachine printer on network.


06.06.04 pdfMachine 9.7
* Added support for text popup annotations and icons.
* Added support for reading in any pdf file for editing.
* New look options based on tree view
* Added about box
* New trial version watermark
* New dialogs for changing N-Up, Stationery, doc info, security on current document.
* Support for all 128 bit standard security settings

Bug fixes:
* Fixed crash that sometimes occured in parm parsing.
* Fixed speed problem on batch jobs using \“SaveFileAs\“.


16.01.04 pdfMachine 9.5

* Added overrideUserSettings option to bgsconf.ini file. If set to 1, then the settings in the bgsconf.ini file are used instead of the regular user settings stored in HKCU. This could be used to set all users with the same options, but the users would lose control of their own settings. Also could be used by programs that dont want to edit registry but are happy to edit ini files.

Bug fixes:

* Fixed problem with PDF stationery not working sometimes – fonts would be all messed up.
* Fixed problem where Save button in the Edit mode was not working.


07.01.04 pdfMachine 9.4

* Added toolbar button to IE – it finds all hyperlinks in page and preserves them in PDF.

Bug fixes:

* Fixed auto appending problem where stationery was not working.
* Fixed problem where rapid prints would fail after around 2000 prints.
* Fixed memory leak that occurred in auto appending mode in pdfMachine viewer.
* Fixed problem with rapid prints from Word 97.
* Fixed problem that replaced non ANSI chars (e.g èéÜûä) with underscores in the default pdf filename.


07.11.03 pdfMachine 9.3
* Supports different stationery on first and subsequent pages.
* Added toggle viewer button
* Customizable toolbars (double click on toolbar or select from menu)
* Ability to add your own toolbar buttons to call program or script
* Added new Next Action = Save As – pops a „Save As“ dialog.
* Removed NextAction „display What do you want to do next Dialog“
(no long required, as „toggle viewer“ mode handles this)
* Added „Show ‚Printing Status‘ window while printing“ option
* Reduced the number of confusing options on the „Save Filename As“ combo

Bug fixes:
* Fixed the „security not being applied bug“ when next action was „no next action“.
* Fixed problem with the default printer being incorrectly set in Outlook
* Fixed problem when installing multiple printers with different options
* Fixed problem with Nup and some documents
* Fixed problems with server/client „point and print“ installswhere client machine was still displaying „trial version“ when it shouldn’t have.


10.10.03 pdfMachine 9.2
Added pdfScanMachine utility.
Added image support in Edit mode.
Added install option for MS Office addin.
Fixed problem where rapid multiple print jobs would not be appended properly.
Fixed problem with Word template modification.


15.09.03 pdfMachine 8.9
Added MS Office Integration, page rotation and N-Up support.


17.06.03 pdfMachine 8.8
Fixed problem with MS Wordart in 32 bit driver.


10.06.03 pdfMachine 8.7
Added: bookmark support and parameter parsing.


19.02.03 pdfMachine 8.6
Fixed problem with NT installs done under users with „domain administrator“ access.


17.02.03 pdfMachine 8.5
Fixed problem with some missing images from word on 95/98/ME


13.02.03 pdfMachine 8.4
· Fixed problem with text appearing as numbers in PDF‘ generated by Visio docs.
· Fixed MS Word transparency problem on NT.
· Fixed problem with European chars from Excel
· Added auto append to open viewer
· Fixed problem with some missing images from word on 95/98/ME
· Fixed problem with encrypted PDF’s containing embedded links not working properly.


18.12.02 pdfMachine 8.1
Fixed problem with „Lucinda Console“ font.
Fixed problem with print server point & print installs on NT.


21.11.02 pdfMachine 7.8
Added ‚confirm email attachment name‘ and ‚automatically send email if To address is set‘ options to Next Action tab. Fixed problem with multiple printer installations on the one machine. Added support for „Developers Version“.


14.11.02 pdfMachine 7.5
Fixed problem with MS Word and Win98. Added extra page sizes for NT/2000/XP driver.


12.11.02 pdfMachine 7.4
Major upgrade.

· Point & print“ installation
· Simplified PDF stationery
You can now use PDF files on network shares as stationery.
· Simplified installer
· New registration code mechanism
· New registry locations for options.
· Options are now stored under HKCU\Software\pdfMachine
· Email attachment filename prompting
You are now prompted to confirm the email attachment name prior to launching the default email client.
· Several minor bug fixes including :
Default paper size now depends on what country you are in Bold fonts on Win95
VISIO 2002 garbled text problems
Printing empty notepad document crashing
Printing PDF’s from Acrobat reader crashing
Resolution problems on 32 bit driver


12.07.02 pdfMachine 6.9
Added append to file feature. Added support for pdfMachineCmdLine.exe.


15.05.02 pdfMachine 6.5
Fix for italic problems on Win95/98/Me. Fix for text rotation problems on Win95/98/Me. Fix for preview not visible problem – acrobat reader splash visible instead.


03.05.02 pdfMachine 6.3
Support ‚@filename‘ for PDF filename. Fixed ‚edit hang‘ or ’send fail‘ problem that occurred first time after installing prior to a save.


19.04.02 pdfMachine 6.2
Fixed barcode font problem. Now display error message when user selects PDF stationery that is encrypted or was not produced by pdfMachine.


15.04.02 pdfMachine 6.1
First release with new look buttons and page editing capability. Also, security/encryption may be automatically applied without launching the pdfmachn.exe application. Also support for ‚@filename‘ as email parameters.


09.04.02 pdfMachine 5.9
Fixed „only worked in session 0“ problem with WinXP faster user switching and Windows Terminal Server


06.02.02 pdfMachine 4.9
Fixed a bug where some large documents were being encrypted incorrectly.


05.02.02 pdfMachine 4.8
Fixed problem with encrypted documents not encrypting url links.


04.02.02 pdfMachine 4.7
Added on the fly generation of hyperlinks for URLS.


29.01.02 pdfMachine 4.6
„Save settings“ on security options now saves options for use on subsequent prints. Fixed „no PDF file produced“ problem (occurred from within Excel sometimes on Win98).


24.01.02 pdfMachine 4.5
Added JPEG image compression and image downsampling options. Added 30×42 inch page size. Added „save settings“ to security options.


16.01.02 pdfMachine 4.4
Fixed problem that caused rubbish chars to be printed when printing PDF files generated by pdfMachine to Postscript printers.


15.01.02 pdfMachine 4.3
Fixed problem that caused Adobe Acrobat Reader to crash when printing PDF files generated by pdfMachine to Postscript printers. Note that this appears to be a bug in Acrobat reader – but we implemented a workaround.


09.01.02 pdfMachine 4.1
Fixed problem with character placement that manifested itself when using the SolidWorks CAD package.


03.01.02 pdfMachine 4.0
Added support for PDF encryption. Also added online registration system.


27.12.01 pdfMachine 3.9
Fixed problem with un-initialised port name.


19.12.01 pdfMachine 3.8
Better support for NT/w2k/XP for running pdfMachine from ‚regular‘ user accounts.
Fixed large polygon problem in 32 bit driver. Amended licence agreement.


10.12.01 pdfMachine 3.5
Added ‚trimNameChar‘ value to registry. This controls if the default name is trimmed.


07.12.01 pdfMachine 3.3
Fixed the „cogs appear and then nothing“ problem that occurred sometimes on win98.r> Fixed „OpenPrinter failed“ install problem..
Added support for 24″ x 36 “ page size .


04.12.01 pdfMachine 3.2
Added PDF stationery support.
Added support for A2 page size on NT.


19.11.01 pdfMachine 3.1
Added support for A0, A1 & A2 page sizes.


18.11.01 pdfMachine 3.0
Fixed the Win98/IE5.5 „Line: 1014 Error: Unspecified Error“ problem. (IE Bug!)
Configurable resolution is now available for W2k/2000/XP.
Fixed horizontal lines in images problem.
Fixed the problem with Acrobat Reader 5 hanging around. It now shuts down when pdfMachine exits.


08.11.01 pdfMachine 2.8
It now remembers the previous directory that was last saved to. The pdfMachn.exe application (the one with the pdf viewer embeded in it with the row of buttons at the top) now remembers its last size and position.
The pdfMachn.exe applicaiton is now launched by mapisnd.exe – which means that it runs in the security context of the currently logged in user so you should have no trouble saving to a network drive.


06.11.01 pdfMachine 2.6
Fixed problem with Win95/98/Me versions not remembering registry settings. Added ‚random filename‘ option.


30.10.01 pdfMachine 2.4
Fixed problem where mail send options didn’t work properly on win95/98/Me platforms. Also fixed problem with saving to network mapped drives.


18.10.01 pdfMachine 2.3
Added support for editing configuration options from printer setup dialogs. Fixed problem 16 bit driver had with remembering page size and orientation. All saveas dialogs now remember the last directory they were in.


16.10.01 pdfMachine 2.2
Fixed problem with email client not being launched on systems that used MS Exchange.


12.10.01 pdfMachine 2.1
Added support for configuration of watermarks and other configuration options.


11.10.01 pdfMachine 2.0
Added support for Turkish, Greek, Russian, Baltic, Central European, Vietnamese and Thai character sets.
Added PDF preview program – pdfmachn.exe. Created help file.
Fixed overwritten text problem in 16bit driver.
Fixed 0 width line problem that caused some PDF pages to come out blank when printed – even though they were viewer ok in Acrobat viewer.
Improved MAPI mail support.
Improved setup program.
Fixed problems that occured when user was not logged in as Administrator.


07.09.01 pdfMachine 1.9
Added A3 support for 16bit driver. Also added the ability to control the destination filename and the „next action“ behaviour via registry settings.


31.08.01 pdfMachine 1.8
Fixed problem with horizontal and vertical hatched polygons in 32bit driver. Fixed problem on NT that caused invalid numbers in PDF files.Win95/98/Me driver unchanged.


22.08.01 pdfMachine 1.7
Improved 32 bit drivers support for cross-hatched polygons and shaded polygons. Fixed spacing/justification problem on 16 bit driver. Improved memory management for small images. Fixed an incompatibility with Ghostscript.
Fixed problem with italic text.


17.08.01 pdfMachine 1.4
Improved memory management for small images. Also fixed problem with some Winding chars not appearing.


14.08.01 pdfMachine 1.1
This fixed some minor image bugs and added support for unicode characters.


08.08.01 pdfMachine 1.0
This was the first commercial release.


26.07.01 pdfMachine BETA 1
This was the first public release.